Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Astonishing Adventures Magazine Saga Continues

The Editor JDC is no longer the "editor," but now he is publisher as the Astonishing Adventures Magazine family will soon be expanding. Tim "Yeti" Gallagher will become "Editor In Chief" and not only will the Issue #2 of AAM be coming out shortly, but also horror, in Enchanting Tales From Hell Magazine. Not to mention that there are books on the horizon, with Astonishing Adventures Books.


Anonymous said...

Holy moose poop! I'm gonna be the new editor-in-chief of Astonishing Adventures Magazine? Why didn't anyone tell me? Does that mean I get a raise? -a corner office? - annoying employees who call me "Chief?"
Thanks for breaking the news, Senor Cormac. Now I know that yours is the blog to go to for all the up-to-date AAM news! (and some fine reading, too!)

Editor Tim

Writeprocrastinator said...

Mr. Gallagher,

I'm glad you said "holy moose poop" because that's exactly what you will get in your new capacity, albeit in a much bigger cup.

Naw, kidding! Congratulations on your new position, "Chief" and I'm sure the reading world is looking forward to AAM #2 and your foray into horror.