Sunday, January 20, 2008

A "Novel Idea"

In the New York Times book review section, they have a little blog in there called Paper Cuts. Lately, I've looked forward to the blog more than the reviews, as it tends to be more entertaining, though the fault of that lies with the material that they have been reviewing.

The most recent entry posted features a literary vending machine in Barcelona. Apparently commuting Spaniards really, really have a thing for Nora Roberts or the person that stocks this machine does.

If you read further down in the comment section, someone posted that the machine is called "A Novel Idea" and it was created by two gentlemen from Limerick.

They say that they are in talks to ship this Stateside soon and I am sure one of these machines would pull in a fortune at one of my worksites, though the only bestseller I read is Michael Connelly, so I'd be out of luck.


angel said...

i think thats awesome!!! lately the newest thing in south africa is dvd rental vending machines! they're awesome!

Writeprocrastinator said...


We have the DVD rental machines here, too. Though they don't seem to be catching on beyond fast food chains and certain malls.