Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Frank Misunderstanding

They broke up quietly, almost without a word. He thought they had something special and so did she, up until a point. He shared his apartment with two roommates and to say that the walls of the apartment were paper-thin was being generous.

So he would make the best of the situation by playing some music via his iPod, which he would dock into his clock radio. One night, his iPod was out of commission, so he borrowed his older brother's iPod Shuffle. Because he had to run a fair amount of distance to his brother's and back to get the Shuffle, his legs were on the verge of cramping up.

They merged and linked. An old Francis Albert tune from the 40's came on just as his right leg went tight and as he tried to work through the cramp, something magical and almost ethereal, happened for her. In the afterglow, she thought he turned the corner in terms of the bedroom and he thought that the crooner was her ultimate aphrodisiac. From then on, he associated the singer as all the foreplay that she would need and she wondered how just how a lover could go downhill so fast.

They broke up in less than a week; neither the wiser nor able to talk out what was right about the relationship or what went wrong.

Still, they ran in the same circles and had close friends in common. They would see each other and the flame that was their relationship never went out. They dated other people, but found the others to be even less desirable. As she lay depressed in bed one night, she decided to call him up and even though she woke him up, he was happy to hear her voice.

They talked until the sun came up and since they both had to go to work, they both decided to call in sick and sleep together...literally. When they woke up late that afternoon, she decided that they should talk it out.

With great reluctance because of her conservative upbringing, she had discussed what he had done right and asked him why he just did that the one occasion. Then she asked him-

"Why did you develop on obsession with Sinatra?"

"I really don't like him, I thought that you did."

"No, I can't stand him on most days and besides, his last name means 'without a duck."

They shared a chuckle, and then they shared a kiss. She made a suggestion about what she wanted and he listened. Then he made a suggestion and she reciprocated.

They moved in together and their connection is stronger than ever. They have an apartment with even thinner walls, but no roommates and nary a crooner album or single to be found.

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