Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It seems so absolutely obvious now, but all of us were completely oblivious to them at the time and I was certainly not the exception. Actually, as a reporter, I didn’t need a crystal ball to show me the direction we were heading and any of us from the fourth estate should’ve been able to figure this out, but we couldn’t see what was just below the surface.

But that was exactly how it happened. With everyone looking perpetually forward toward the next trend, no one really noticed the signs of what was wrong in the present; the absences of wrinkles, the perpetually surprised look, the lips inflated to unnatural dimensions, and implants that defied logic and God himself.

They had covertly taken over our doctors, with emphasis on our surgeons and by the time actresses noses and nostrils were reduced to mere nubs of flesh, they openly walked amongst us. If you took a casual glance, you couldn’t tell them apart from us except their cheek and brow implants were a little more pronounced.

The odd thing was that everything on them that hinted of plastic surgery...wasn’t. The permanent eyeliner, pecs and calves of the males. The females with their lipoed tummies and thighs; the breast implants and faces that were so distorted, that they looked like they were somehow melted by the sun. All these features were natural to them and in that sense; we were the freaks of nature.

The whole time we were looking to the skies for signs of life, they were right under our very own nose jobs.


Quin Browne said...

i laughed though my enhanced lips

Cormac Brown said...


I'm glad that someone took the time to comment and it means a lot to me, considering I tore one of my calf implants while I wrote this.