Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sherman Alexie comes to Green Apple Books

So Thursday, rather than write like I was supposed to, I surfed around...

...and around, and around, and around. The greatest value in that is eventually you will find something of least in theory. Regardless, yes I did discover a golden nugget inside of a green apple...Green Apple Books that is.

At the Green Apple Book Blog, they said that author Sherman Alexie was going to pop in for a quick signing. So I brought The Missus and The Teen with me for this event, only I didn't tell them just why were walking down Clement Street with two Sherman Alexie books and a camera.

"Are we going to see Sherman Alexie?

You know that despite my best efforts to misdirect and misinform to the contrary, The Missus said, "you know that (The Teen's) copy is already autographed, right?"

"What, we're going out to eat, okay?"

Of course she didn't go for it, so I said, "well, he can autograph it twice, all right?"

"You are not going to ask him to autograph his own book twice."

"Fine, I won't ask him to sign it twice."

We waited upstairs in the Philosophy section for Mr. Alexie, and I leaned on the Russian history (which is some kind of omen, considering Russian history plays a small role in the story I've been stuck on). I wanted us to get there early, which just made things worse. By the time he showed up, I was good and nervous.

Luckily, Sherman worked with me, as I sputtered and mumbled. He signed my battered copy of "The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven," and he posed for a picture with me.

We talked for a few seconds and I thanked him for being such a wonderful influence on me. I meant my writing as well, but that was basically the only coherent sentence I got out where The Missus didn't have to translate it. He was nice enough to also autograph The Teen's "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" for a second time without me asking, saving me from the frying pan wrath of The Missus.

I felt bad that I had offered up dogeared book for him to autograph, so I grabbed a copy of "War Dances" and you know what?

Mr. Alexie signed that too! How cool was that?


Doc said...

You sir, are a lucky man!

Just out of curiosity, your teen is a boy or a girl? I've got two little girls, 5 & 7, and I might need some parenting advice in a few years.

Nice photo, but you are awfully camera shy. The only picture I've ever seen of you was taken from forty yards away and you were in the woods with dim lighting. It very well could have been mistaken for a Bigfoot sighting photo.

Cormac Brown said...


He is a boy, and thus, you are sooo on your own. I used to joke with The Missus that if we had a girl, I'd be one of those asshole fathers that made the whole fascism movement look like a walk in the park.

You stay the hell away from little girl, you nasty little deviant!

But mister, I'm only five! I just wanted to know if she wanted to play checkers, waaahhhh!

BTW, you know where to find the pics for me and it won't be on this blog ; )