Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Plugged In #9

Oh, I've got some great ones today...

Paulie Decibels has the fourth installment of Warsaw Moon up at Disenthralled Magazine.

Richard Godwin talks to Hilary Davidson and comes up with one of the most fascinating interviews of the year. Vegetarians, the darker side of the mind, and murder...oh, my.

Soon, we all will have the opportunity to vote for the finalists in the next The Clarity of Night Contest, but in the meantime? Check out the best entries of the past, with the E-Book "The Clarity of Night Contests Volume 1: 2006-2010" which includes Sandra Seaman's "Civic Duty."

Jason Duke debuts on with "Phoenix Nightlife."

Last but certainly not least, Beat To A Pulp Magazine has scored a major coup! A certain artist will illustrate the anthology "Beat To A Pulp: Round One." Who? You have to click the purple to find out.


Paul D. Brazill said...

Cheers mate. I'm over in Blighty teaching summer school so I'm a bit out of the interweb loop. Will catch up!

Cormac Brown said...

Paulie Decibels,

I know man, I've missed your presence!