Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Poker Face" Is On Powder Burn Flash

Once again, the critics are unanimous in their, praise of Cormac Brown's latest story that is posted on Powder Burn Flash, "Poker Face."

Michael Chabon groans "my mother says not to bring him over again and especially not during Passover. She says that Cormac doesn't need maror at all, as he is the bitterest root ever."

J.K. Rowling says "will you tell him to stop looking at my bum?!"

Walter Mosley says "the very thought of him writing what he calls 'crime fiction,' makes me profoundly sad."

"And if you see him? Tell him to pay back all the money that he owes me, or I'm going to poke his eyes out like this."

Danielle Steele says "I base all of my villains on that rat bastard. I have given my bodyguards instructions to pummel Cormac within an inch of his life, and then they are to shoot to kill."

The ghost of Edgar Allan Poe moans "he owes me money from a previous lifetime."

Stephen King cautions "why aren't you people listening? I told you that he creeps me! Hello?! I making a living out of scaring you and he skeeves me out!"

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