Thursday, July 3, 2008

Would You Give A Book Store Reading, If The Store Didn't Exist Anymore?

I have read more than a few writer blogs about book signings where the authors lament the lack of fans...or even any audience at all. A couple of them have even mentioned the odd book store customer here and there, that manage to mistake the author for a member of the store staff and ask them the location of something.

Yet, what if the very store that you were scheduled to read at, simply folded up just before your big day? Would you flake it off? Or would you decide that you should show up anyway? Who knows, maybe a fan might not be aware of the store's status or maybe they are simply dedicated.

Well Cody's Books folded up on Friday, June 20th and Matt Richtel, author of "Hooked: A Thriller About Love And Addictions" had decided to show up, just in case a reader did and the rest is almost surreal.

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