Saturday, November 14, 2009

My TBR pile

When Walmart started the publishing price war, I upped my dedication to make each and every literary purchase that I could at an independent bookstore. I'm happy to say that since then, I've spent over $170 at indie bookstores. So I had to special order one tome at Booksmith, and I hope that it will be worth the wait.

We went to the store to pick it up on Thursday, and there was quite a commotion. There were kids bouncing around the store like Super Balls in a rubber room and their rude parents, who were just knocking over the unaware shoppers such as The Teen and myself, like sharks in an aquarium roundabout. Ah yes, you work so hard to teach your child some manners and to not walk through people, and then a bunch of adult idiots do their best to unravel that lesson.

There were five times as many people there as usual, I wouldn't have ventured in any further than the sales counter, but The Teen wanted to look at the manga section. We were in a hurry because I wanted to get back home in time for the Niner game. There was a small stage and quite an autograph line that was still going strong. So strong in fact, that I couldn't see who the author or authors were.

Yet, what do you care? You're more interested in the book I ordered, right? Here it is, "One Too Many Blows To The Head," which triples my "to be read" pile.

Oh, and the just who was the source of this hysteria? TMBG was there to do a quick gig and sign their new children's book. Of course I didn't figure that out until after I had left the store and saw a notice similar to this one in the window.


Dr. Monkey said...

I need to read some more Mosley soon.

Some Guy said...

It's a shame you missed the two Johns, CB. At least you got to see the Niners beat up on the pathetic Bears.

Cormac Brown said...

Dr. Monk,

Try some from his "Fearless Jones" series, all of them are hidden gems.


I still wouldn't recognize them again, even if I saw that kick ass YouTube video they did on Tech TV of "Particle Man."

The Bears are one free agent wide receiver and one good quarterback's coach away from making a huge difference. Cutler has the athletic ability, he just needs someone to show him to stop forcing the ball deep and take what's available underneath.

Eric Beetner said...

Well looky there. I am honored to be on your pile! Thanks.

J.B. Kohl said...

Wow, a book I've written is on you're TBR pile. It's an honor to be there,
JB Kohl

J.B. Kohl said...

Wow, a book I've written is on you're TBR pile. It's an honor to be there,
JB Kohl

Cormac Brown said...


The pleasure is mine! I'm 106 pages in and you two have done a fantastic job so far, of switching narrators. Once I got past Rex's fight, the hardest part has been not reading just Ray's chapters. Not that Dean's chapters aren't equal, it's just that the urge to read ahead to Ray's is stronger.

J.B. and J.B's duplicate post (don't you just love Blogger hiccups?),

Welcome and as stated, great stuff so far! You two have a good, seamless collaboration!