Thursday, May 6, 2010

Needle Magazine First Flash Fiction Challenge

I'm beginning to think that Steve Weddle is a cyborg, when does he stop?

Now he has a flash fiction contest going, and the first prize is...'re going to have to read on-

Let’s have us some flash fiction up in these parts.

Come up with a flash fiction story of no more than 1,000 words.

The story MUST have a needle in there somewhere, somewhere. Phonograph. Tattoo. Syringe. Knitting. Don’t care, but ya gotta have a needle.

Post a link to your story by MAY 18 (that’s a Tuesday, folks). If you don’t have a home for your story, we’ll find a spot for it around the innerwebs somewhere.

We’ll start the linking up here on that day.

That Friday, we’ll randomly pull someone’s name outta the hat and give away a NEEDLE T-SHIRT. (You can get a mug instead if you don’t wear shirts.)

That’s the random part. We’ll also look through the stories to see whether anything might be a good fit for the summer issue of NEEDLE, expected out around the first of July. If it seems like a fit, we’ll chat about it.

Are you in?

If so, post in the Needle Blog's comments and we’ll get this thing rolling.

Thanks and have fun.

Clickety-click the green here for the details.

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