Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nigel P. Bird's Interviews

Over at Sea Minor, Nigel P. Bird came up with a unique idea. Why not let people interview themselves and he would post it?

He has already put up some fine ones with Keith Rawson and The Drowning Machine's Naomi Johnson. Not to mention that ones with Jedidiah Ayers and Megan Abbot are forthcoming. Today, he is one with writer, columnist and super editor, Katherine Tomlinson.


David Barber said...

There's been some fine and funny interviews up to now, Cormac. Inded and great idea by Nigel.

nigel p bird said...

a lovely set of comments, thanks.
if you'd like to have the invitation extended to you, please just get in touch - david too. will get you over to me.
thanks again for the kindness and the support.
and ps, emma donoghue (man booker long-listed) sent me her interview today). tomorrow, RJ Ellory

sunshine said...

What a great idea. :)
I went over and read the interview.
I'm like her. I hardly ever reread a book and yet, can't quite bare to part with them.


Cormac Brown said...


I think it's brilliant and you will definitely have an unmatched variety.


I'm sorry, but I'm already flaking two interviews as I type this. I do commend you on what you're doing and I look forward to your reading the next ones.


I'm right with you, as we are slowing being evicted by my collection.