Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Of: "Mistletoe"

This will be the last "best of" for awhile, and I'm posting it early, to avoid any conflicts with your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping, as well as mine. "Mistletoe" was the spur of the moment coda, for the next to last screenplay that I wrote. I figured that if a script reader read the first five pages and the last five, that this little addendum would help it sell better...guess not.

At any rate, enjoy Mistletoe and recreate the end scene while you are at it.


Dale said...

I enjoyed it all over again, does that make me a socialist? Or just someone who leaves their socks all over the place? I hope you find the Missus under some parsley very soon!

paul d brazill said...

Christmas comes but once a year/And when it does it's chilly/ Be sure to wear warm underwear/ Or you may freeze your willy.

Cormac Brown said...


It would make you simply a reader and there is no parsley shortage in this household...or else I'm in Dutch.

Paulie Decibels,

There once was a woman from Bristol/

...and I got nuthin'.

Bubs said...

Great story. I'm glad I get to catch up on your writing with this feature, so keep it coming.

My favorite line: "...and polishing glasses in a way that would've made even Larry Flynt uneasy." I could picture that bar and grill.

My word verification is "mating"

Cormac Brown said...


That's a hellva word verification.

I'll have to reduce "the best of" in the coming months, because eventually the material that represents a good cross-section of my writing will run out. Not to mention that I would hope to draw everyone's attention to the three works that should be coming out soon; on one site, one online publication and one online/ink and paper magazine.

Paul said...

Hey Cormac,

I realize this is a little off-topic, but I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your site. I'm digging the writing, and many of the links are pure gold.

Cormac Brown said...

Double Down,

Welcome and thank you very much.

WellesFan said...

Nice one.

(Note to self: try that parsley bit next time you're out to lunch.)

Cormac Brown said...


If it works, I want full credit ; )