Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More On Caption Contest #1


I know it's a new year, but good gravy, you can't think of anything?

Come on, you are not still hung over and I know that you're not going to take this lying down, are you? It's a caption contest, you get a little fame, you get a neat prize, and damn it, you get bragging rights.

Click away here, show me your best and make me proud.


Doc said...

"The Mighty Kong was spotted doing karoake in Gotham last night, but fled when police arrived and dropped his microphone."

"American Idol is busting out all over!"

"A memorial statue to Liberace was erected in the park last night by vandals. Film at eleven."

*in Ed Sullivan's voice* "Tonight we've got a really big shew"

"Congress has agreed to replace the Washington Monument after having recieved complaints that it was 'too phallic'. We have an artist's rendering of the monument's replacement, seen here."

"One the side, in red spray paint, is says 'Ozzy Rules!' in large print."

"I was wondering where I left that..."

"Look what you've done to my sidewalk!?! Effing kids!"

"This was made with taxpayer money."

"Where's the rest of your 'Rockband' game?"

"Later tonight, the coven is going to gather here to burn one hit wonders at the stake."

"The Homeland Security has installed new listening devices around Washington in an effort to fight terrorism."

Sorry that's all I got. Any of those do?


Cormac Brown said...


"Any of those do?"

Will they do? I'd say that you are in the Top Ten, regardless of how many people enter after you.

Baroness von B said...

Just give Doc the award now. How could it possibly get any better?

Loved the Ed Sullivan reference.

And the "erecting" of a Liberace statue? My, oh, my.

Cormac Brown said...


Ah, no lobbying...and besides, those aren't my favorite captions of Doc's.