Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Second Issue Of Crooked Magazine Has Arrived!

The second issue of Crooked Magazine is here!

We're talking the best Bo Flexler story ever, from Clair Dickson. Then there's "Thirteen Questions" with Anthony Bourdain's long lost brother and author, Sean Chercover-

Eric Beetner has wonderful story on the logistical problems that come after a hit, an area so seldom explored and that is more or less glossed over in crime fiction. Jake Hinson writes a truly haunting tale in which all is not it apparently seems.

Patti Abbott tells a tale of a man that has turn his life around from two major tragedies and find redemption for a lost love one. An aside, if an Upper Peninsula inhabitant is a "Yooper," what is a Lower Peninsula resident, a "Looper?"

Keith Rawson relates a piece of fiction that depicts a detective a little closer to real life, than the trench coat stereotype you typically read about. Then the whole tale takes a turn that even if you have read thousands of detective stories? You never saw this one coming.

Did you ever have one of those friends that no matter what you did, you just couldn't help them straighten up and fly right? Michael S. Chong spins a yarn about the inertia involved when you get in the gravitational pull of those that are falling and drag everything else with them. The protagonist unfortunately, does a pretty fair job of plummeting all by himself.

Barry Baldwin finishes up the issue with cop's tale. Take a gander at Issue #2 of Crooked Magazine.


Clair Dickson said...

Someone from the Lower Penninsula is a troll... 'cause we live under the bridge. =)

And thanks for the compliment on the Bo story.

pattinase (abbott) said...

No, we're a loopy for still being here.

Cormac Brown said...


A "troll?" Yikes!

"And thanks for the compliment on the Bo story."

You're welcome. I think with the other Bo Flexlor stories that I've read, the word count holds her back a tad. It's hard as hell to spin a detective yarn with such a low word count limit. By the time you run the dialogue that is necessary, there is little time for exposition and you do an exceptional job with her.

Cormac Brown said...


It'll turn around, there is nowhere to go but up after this.

Paul Brazill said...

This sounds like a gem.Some of my fave writers in one issue. I know what I'm doing today. (Which really is a change for me!) Pa pa!

Cormac Brown said...

Paulie Decibels,

Not a lemon in the bunch and I can't exactly say the same about some of the so-called "professional" anthologies that I've read lately.

Eric Beetner said...
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Eric Beetner said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the kudos. I have enjoyed your stories as well on A Twist of Noir. I've started to see a few names that deliver consistent work.
Maybe some day we'll all get paid for it. We can dream, cant we?

Cormac Brown said...


Welcome and you're welcome. Yes, being paid for it would be ideal, but A Twist, Crooked and Powder Burn Flash are very nice venues to hone one's chops. In this age of publishers downsizing, they will have to seek out new voices if they want to survive and I'm just glad that we can be heard.