Friday, January 9, 2009

The Winner Of Caption Contest #1 Is...

Oh, this is going to be difficult. There weren't a lot of contestants, but that doesn't mean that there were no quality entries, quite to the contrary. So, one more time for those who aren't familiar. The idea was that someone had to write a caption for this picture...

...and the winner would get a mention of them or their blog, plus a large cup from my Cafepress shop. So I will list my favorites by the name of the author and by their first name in alphabetical order-

"This just in, an Earth-breaking announcement."

Doc, hit all the cultural references better than Letterman or John Stewart, but this made me laugh the hardest-

"Where's the rest of your 'Rockband' game?"

Paulie Decibels almost won me over with a Madness-reference, but I prefer-

"You could put someone's eye out with that!"

Quin Browne knows the classics and while Doc made me laugh the whole time I read his quotes, this made me laugh the hardest-

"It only looks smaller than six inches."

So? I made a choice and then I asked The Missus. I read her the quotes and she kept trying to see who wrote what, but I wasn't havin' it, because I wanted to make sure it was unanimous and she says that Doc is the winner!
Doc has a fine blog, "Social Zymurgy: The Culture of Beer," that has a mixture of philosophy, writing and the occasional illustration. The thing I respect about Doc the most besides his fine musings, is that he is an auto-didactic like myself. He is also quite a raconteur.
He is also married to the wonderful Flan and they have the parenting-thing down to a science.
So congratulations, Doc, you've won my first ever caption contest!


Doc said...

I am deeply honored, and while I must admit that I had to look up a few of the nice words you said about me, I'll own up and say they're true. I am, for the most part, self-taught. As far as being a storyteller, I have my days.

I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestions, and I would like to thank the The Missus for her kind vote. The coffee cup that I have won will enjoy a special place in my house, and will be displayed prominently as the only trophy I have ever won; but I might have to drink beer from it occasionaly.

For what it's worth, I laughed aloud at Aldo's, "This just in, an Earth-breaking announcement."

Contact Flannery's email for where to send my winnings so I can have it to display for Groundhog's Day, as all the family are coming.

May the wind be always at your back and a clear trail beneath your feet; and may you rest in heaven for an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Thanks, and Cheers!

Cormac Brown said...


Again, congratulations and I'm sorry I don't have a badge like Becky has.

I couldn't find an email address on Flan's page, so I asked for one in the comment section.

Thanks for Irish proverb, sláinte!

Mystery Dawg said...

To Doc, A well deserved win. Congrats!

This was a fun contest.

Cormac Brown said...


I'm glad that you dug it and I hope to do it again come February.

Dale said...

Brilliant submissions and a worthy winner too. Doc rules.

Katie Schwartz said...

Cormac, EXCELLENT CHOICE and such a tough one to make. Love the captions, they're all so funny.

quin browne said...

SO close.

pesonally, i loved earthbreaking announcement...

congrats, doc! i love my mug!

Cormac Brown said...


Indeed he does.


How do you choose, ya know?


Yours will stand the test of time, after we have all moved onto the next gaming system.

paul d brazill said...

Top ho doc!

Gifted Typist said...

I was going to write somethign about
"ground-breaking" but just couldn't make it sing ...

hey, that might have been it...

Anyway Doc is far more worthy than I