Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogpourri: Part III

Ah yes, "Blogpourri: Part III." And just like Al Pacino and Silvio from "The Sopranos," just when you thought you were out...I'll pull you back in. Of course, unlike "The Godfather: Part III," it won't take up over two hours of your time and there will be no critics savaging Sofia Coppola here.

Since I opened this posting with a crime reference, let's kick this off with the most relentless crime fighter this side of Batman and the most tenacious detective this side of Inspector Jalvert, Bubs. Bubs has hit the big time with Arresting Tales! We're talking about a blogger being sponsored by the Chicago Tribune's Media Company and Joe Bubs shows you what life is like from his side of the badge. Believe you me, it's not all about taking your sunglasses off and making inane quips, à la David Caruso.

Next, I give you Quin, and I give you Veronica. Two writers that in the original vernacular, "school me on a regular basis." Unlike most of us who put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, their writing evolves and improves with every piece.

First, just as this blog was originally designed to be, Quin has all of her published online work one one blog. It's all Quin, all the time, with better quality overall than Video On Demand, and unlike the cable companies, she won't put a dent in your wallet.

Next, after a two week-hiatus, Veronica is back. Two weeks is too long, but hey, I won't complain if she follows it up with a post every two days (please?).

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