Monday, May 25, 2009

Katie Schwartz, I presume

Becker and Fagen got it wrong, Katie didn't lie, she merely changed blogging engines.

No, you're still not listening, it was Elvis that left the building, Katie is still here.

Now everything you wanted to know about Farmhouse editor, author extraordinaire, fighter of evil, and my best online for forever, Katie Schwartz, is at a new blogging address at That's, please make a note of it.


lakeviewer said...

Now, help us out, why do we want to know Katie Schwartz?

On another note, if you haven't read Eggers's What is the What, you will be thrilled by it, better than his first work from this staggering genius.

Now, what can I pick up of yours that I can read?

Cormac Brown said...


Why? Oh, I don't know. Maybe because she took a bullet for all women, by dating this guy. Or maybe because she runs a blog supporting female artists, writers and blogs Three Dames With A Clue.

Or maybe you want to check out her blog concerning thyroid-related issues, Dear Thyroid. Even better still, read her old blog to get an appreciation for Katie.

Thank you for the Eggers recommendation, and look no further than this blog's main page, on the right-hand side where it says, "You can find Cormac Brown here, as well at as these other fine venues." There you will find most of my better catalog.

lakeviewer said...

Thank you for the information on Katie and the links you provided.

Cormac Brown said...


You're welcome and you'll dig Katie, she's the wildest.

Gifted Typist said...

Note taken. I get three dames on my twitter feed and Katie's brilliant Tweets too.

Cormac Brown said...


Now, you've almost convinced me to sign-up for Twitter...