Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Issue Number Seven Of Astonishing Adventures Is Here!

From The Official Press Release-

Astonishing Adventures Magazine, the prominent ePulp magazine, today announced the release of their seventh adventure-filled issue.

Have some crazy fun with the wonderful stories from writers like Mike Hughes, Christine Pope, Katherine Tomlinson, Sidney Harrison, Roger Alford, Brian Trent, Sarah Vaughn, Kat Parrish, Michael Patrick Sullivan, G. Wells Taylor, and Cormac Brown.

Soak in the amazingly beautiful images by artists like Joanne Renaud, Larry Nadolsky, G. Wells Taylor, Sarah Vaughn, and Susan Schader.

These are tales that will thrill and chill you well after you finish reading them.

Purchasers of the print copy will receive a free audio version of “The Dark” adventure by John Donald Carlucci and read by vocal j*hadist Robert Page.

Six issues into its amazing run, AAM and the Darke Media Group continue to provide the highest quality free fiction eZine on the Net while exploring ways to redefine the traditional publishing mode. Darke Media is launching a new web serial with a second serial, starring the mascot of AAM Scarlett, scheduled for early 2010.

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Astonishing Adventures Magazine issue 7 - available print version at
Amazon: ISBN1448687330 $10.00 -

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Ladies and Gentlemen, there it is. Please, by all means, check it out.

Please, also if you get a chance, check out my story "Le Chat Noir."


lakeviewer said...

I will.

Paul Brazill said...

Ill be there!

Cormac Brown said...

Rosaria and Paulie,

Thank you very much for your support!

Mystery Dawg said...

Cormac my man, I loved the story.

Doc said...

Well done! Well fecking done! You could smell the ribs and hear the crunch of the gravel beneath the wheels. A well crafted tale from begining to end. Congrats!


Cormac Brown said...

Aldo and Doc,

Thanks and thanks, your kudos mean a lot to me!