Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Watery Grave Invitational Is On Like Original Star Trek Vs. The Klingons

The contest...

Da Man that put it together.

The judges...

...and no matter what, you the reader are the winner.


John Donald Carlucci said...

Gratz Mr. C!


Cormac Brown said...

Editor JDC,

Thanks, Mr. Dollars.

Doc said...

So does this mean that someone has to die by drowning or will any old death do?

For my money, you are a shoe-in for the winner regardless who the judge is.

Might I suggest someone croaks in a tablespoon of water? I have read that you can drown in a tablespoon of water from several sources and I think it is a method of demise that has been grossly ignored.

Best of luck,

Cormac Brown said...


That would be a great premise, though I'm past the halfway mark on the story I intend to submit. Thanks for the luck and with a field like this one, I'll need it.

Paul Brazill said...

It's a cracking collection of writers. Should you'll turn in a blinder.