Friday, April 16, 2010

Chad Rohrbacher's Flash Fiction Contest

Chad Rohrbacher is having a Flash Fiction Contest! Check it out-

Since I’m such a nice guy and I love Gischler’s writing, I decided to do something out of character for me: give something away for free. Well, let me qualify that since it’s not quite free.

“Oh damn” there’s always a catch. Stupid infomercial.

Don’t change the channel yet, because all I’m looking for is to see some good writing. In a flash fiction crime or superhero piece, this means under 1500 words.

I will post a poll once all the entries are in and the winner will receive:

Victor Gischler’s work on Marvel Comics’ Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth and the newDeadpool Corps and The Deputy. This means prelude 1-5 and Issue #1 of the Deadpool series and the novel for a little emotional sweat in a flash fiction piece.

So if you are a fan of comics, this gives you an opportunity to check out his novel; or if you’re a novel reader and think comics have nothing to offer, this gives you a chance to check them out and see how wrong you are. The best thing is writers don’t get to have all the fun, because everyone who loves crime and comic writing gets to vote for the winning entry.


1. Sign up by Monday, April 19th 5 pm in the comments.

2. You have 1 week to write and post your entry to your blog and share your link with us.

3. This entry must be posted and linked by Monday, April 26th at 5 pm EST.

4. Vote – The poll will remain open until Monday, May 3rd at 1 pm EST.

So spread the word and, more importantly, get writing.

Update: This is a hardcover copy of The Deputy. And those across the pond are free to join in — the book will be shipped directly from Amazon while the Deadpool series will come from me directly. Happy Writing.

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