Monday, June 15, 2009

Dedicated To Her/Not To Her

When you ask me if I miss you, I hem, I haw.
I drag it out, but when it comes to you, I couldn't play coy with a gun to my head.
Yes I miss you.
I miss you like an Englishman misses a sunny day.


Pyzahn said...

Awww. How sweet. I didn't know you had a softy side.

Gifted Typist said...

Having lived in that sometimes sunless land, I can relate to that sort of missing

V. Sweet

Cormac Brown said...


"I didn't know you had a softy side."

It's fiction.

No, I'm kidding. It's a throwaway line from a jettisoned romcom script I wrote almost a decade ago. I used to write romcoms, can you imagine that?


I've spent five and a half days in England, the majority of that time was in London and the sun popped out for about an hour altogether. Yet Dover was nice and bright...go figure.

Gifted Typist said...

bet they weren't called romcoms back then



Cormac Brown said...


Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the smoothest Typist of them all?

Creepy said...

Shit, you sound like me. Don't start posting pictures of your dog in funny outfits!

Cormac Brown said...


We don't have a dog because Mr. Landlord says so. Yet, who can resist a doxie? I know I can't.