Saturday, August 1, 2009

"The Book Versus The Kindle II: The Thickening"

Michelle Richmond's City Brights blog posted a link to the Green Apple Books blog, and the Third Round of the fight; "Book Versus Kindle."

For those with weak constitutions, you shouldn't click any of those links because this time it really gets ugly. The Book sends a hay maker that knocks most of The Kindle's teeth out, and then The Book threatens to eat The Kindle's children, and bites The Kindle's ear off (BTW, these are Mike Tyson references, if you're not familiar with boxing).

Usually I just scan over most of the comments on the SF Gate pages, there's plenty of angry nonsense to offend every sensibility and political affiliation. Yet one commenter Bicky, touched on a very good point that I believe no one has brought up yet-
I did spend an afternoon with my sister-in-law's Kindle. My biggest problems have more to do with my quirky reading habits. 1) I really like to see the entire two pages of an open book side-by-side so that my eye can jump back in the text if needed to, for example, remind myself of who that character who was just introduced. For a similar reason, I prefer sitting far enough from a movie screen to be able to take it all in without having to scan side to side.


okjimm said...

I didn't know what Kindle was two months ago. Now, later, when I do know what it is, my apathy brimm-ith over.

It is not a book. It is a fucking electronic device that has words stuffed in it.

I can't give it to a friend and say, "Wow, this was a good book! I'm done with it now; pass it on."

I can't stuff "cents-off" coupons in it and use them as book marks.

I can't underline anything in it.... and the worst...

if it is a really really bad book...I can't use it to start a fire when camping.

Cormac Brown said...


Welcome, and...

"if it is a really really bad book...I can't use it to start a fire when camping."

Seth should add that one to the list. After all is said and done, Kindles do serve a purpose...they make good doorstops.

Veronica said...

And it just so happens I graduated high school in 1984.
Hugs to you, too.

Cormac Brown said...


Thanks for the hug and I was in the class of '83. Though most of my friends in high school were in every class but mine.