Monday, August 3, 2009

Why, Yes, I've Been Avoiding You

You check your Sitemeter.

You check your Statcounter.

You check your Bravecounter, and you ask, "where the hell is he?"

No, the numbers don't lie, I've been avoiding you.

Yes, I've been lurking elsewhere.

"Vegging out, major," in the 70's vernacular.

Uhhhh...look! Bears riding horses!

Okay, that was a cheap ploy, but you know from my writing that I tend to rely on misdirection. So you wanna see what I look like?

That's me, if I existed during the time of "Mad Men." I've never seen the show, though I understand that when the episodes are at their very worst, they are still very good. I know one of the creators is from "The Sopranos" staff, so that's an endorsement enough for me. I just have to watch it from the beginning though, because I hate it when the most basic references fly over my head.
At any rate, the work situation is not getting any better and I won't be around your blog. I will return soon though.
P.S. I just asked The Missus if she thought this was a fairly good representation of me. Needless to say, she said, "no. Well, it does look like you...except for the shirt and tie."


lakeviewer said...

I sure hope you are not pig-headed or chauvenist as the MadMen. As a female, those attitudes may be appropriate for those times, but they disturb the enjoyment of the show for me.

Corey Wilde said...

We'll be here on your return. That's the royal 'we,' by the way. I won't have a party with me.

sandra seamans said...

You'll be missed, this is one of my regular stops. I'm just not a big commenter.

Pyzahn said...

I'm going to be right behind you.

Gifted Typist said...

This isn't a goodbye post is it?

And my blog misses you already

pls come back soon

Cormac Brown said...


Again, I haven't seen the show, but that would certainly be in line with the era. Hell, just a little afterward in the 70's, you still had those inane Geritol ads, Madge soaking other women's hands in dish detergent, etc... Women were regarded as mindless drones to be condescended to, as far as advertisers were concerned.

Anyway, that avatar is just me in a mid-60's suit and they wouldn't have let me join their old boy network, much less even be a mail clerk there.


I'll be back, sooner or later.


I know, thank you and I appreciate it even when you lurk.


Hopefully with a ladder for the bears, they're starting to get motion sickness.


No, unlike the other blogs, I can't get rid of this one because it is tied to my writing. I'll swing by for your column tomorrow.