Monday, August 24, 2009

When I Post...

When I post, I suggest you might want to read the post right away. As a few of you know who manage to get here early so to speak, I reserve the right to change a post or yank it all together. Sometimes I write a piece of fiction just as an exercise and I regret posting it right away, because it is just exercise. The quality might be okay, it might stink or in the rare instance it might not suck, you the reader, are the temporary winner.

In the case of a post I ran two weeks ago, I had to edit out a good portion of it because it wasn't appropriate in lieu of what happened to a friend and fellow blogger in real life. This wasn't the first time, though hopefully it will be the last. So like a daily special at a cafe, I'd order it today because the chef might change the menu tomorrow.


Valerie said...

Hope I didn't miss anything by coming early today. I use the preview facility when I'm messing about and changing thing 'cause I never get it right first time :-)

Cormac Brown said...


You shouldn't miss anything on GMT and I know what you mean about the preview, because a post never seems to match up spatially when one adds a picture.

Dale said...

I'll always lose at this game then! I'm slower than molasses!

Every time I write some little item on my blog and hit publish, I find something to edit. And then something else. And's never done, the lunacy.

Cormac Brown said...


The return of the King of Blogging!

I'm with you on the editing and I don't even limit myself to current pieces, having recently edited a piece from two years ago (and it's not like anyone other than a new reader will ever notice).