Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crimefactory Issue #2 is here!

Looking for fine crime fiction?

You have no excuse now, because Issue #2 of Crimefactory is here! We have fiction from:

Ray Banks

David Zeltserman

Kieran Shea

Patti Abbott

Josh Converse

Stephen D. Rogers

Gerard Brennan

And it comes in three different formats-


In Kindle

In Nook and Sony Reader

So no excuses, check out Crimefactory, today!


sunshine said...

Looks great! Thanks for the tip.
I'll check them out for sure!


sunshine said...

"Nothing but Whoring and Filth from start to finish"...

It's got my attention right off the bat. :P

Cormac Brown said...


You're welcome and if it wasn't for the impressive line-up of authors, whoring and filth from start to finish, would be the factor to get me to read it.