Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad Book Covers

Here is a site devoted to Bad Book Covers. This one is for Beth because she is a B.C. fan-

The site page has the caption, "Not many people know about Bruce Campbell's short-lived career in p*rn..." Yes that's right folks, Ash is, The P*netrator! Coming straight to DVD in your town!

This came from an article in Torontoist about Bookninja's contest-

Earlier this month, beloved Canadian book blog Bookninja asked its readers if they felt top literary novelists faced unfortunate book rebranding "to meet the purchasing habits of an embiggened sector of stupid readers." A cover contest was proposed by founding editor George Murray, where readers were asked to create and submit their own wildly inappropriate covers for literary classics, and general bookish hilarity ensued.

Of course this one below is my favorite for all the wrong reasons...

So I guess this works on some level. Say, I don't remember Natasha Richardson wearing that outfit in the film.


Dale said...

Crazy book covers! I'll never look at any of them the same way.

Cormac Brown said...

Nor will they look at you the same way with that A & W costume of yours ; )

BeckEye said...

If the handmaids did wear those outfits, then I could really understand all the hatred coming from those barren wives.

Cormac Brown said...



Creepy said...

I thought that looked like Bruce Campbell! Are you sure that's a book cover and not a sex toy box?

Cormac Brown said...



I've never seen this book series and I don't intend to have my name listed on a book search for this series. So, no, I have no idea if it is a sex toy, a gag jpeg, or an actual book series.