Thursday, February 22, 2007

"A Cool Breeze Licked The Back Of Her Neck"

A cool breeze licked the back of her neck. Or at least that is what it would seem like to the rest of us. To her, it was the hot, fetid and fiery breath of a monster. Where to run? Where to hide? No manner of weaponry at her disposal even fazed the "Beast."

None raised a hand to help her, they even watched in bemusement or amusement at her tribulations. Everything as far as she could see was ruined or on the verge of. Her whole world was near asunder from this indomitable juggernaut. The sun was departing like her spirit and the Beast's essence grew even stronger with the coming of darkness.

A plate fell in the kitchen, the Beast knew no fear, so it knew no reason to hide its presence. Yet it circled her, toyed with her, revealing just brief glimpses and flashes of itself to increase her fear. She knew that all of her life was building up to this, her final stand and that there could be a certain nobility in death.

The beast dipped its head, extended its claws. A shiver went through her as a growl rumbled from the very bowels of the Beast and the monster surged forward with the strength of a dozen tidal waves. She tensed and stood fast at the charging Beast, determined to live her last moments with valor.

"Honey, no! Don't you dare squirt the cat with your Super Soaker! You put that thing away and get ready for bed!"

Note: JJ's starter sentence was, “a cool breeze licked the back of her neck...” The story was based on two posts, from two different blogs that I had read just a few days before.

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