Thursday, February 22, 2007

"In The Purple And Gray Morning"

In the purple and gray morning...I type.

In the purple and gray morning...I see the colors of a writer's manic depression.

The purple reflects the warmth that I feel when the words are just right. In the warm lavender I see the rare elation of self-satisfaction that has been visiting me less and less, with each passing day.

In the gray, I see the fog that has been clouding my mind and that has kept me from finding my voice. In the gray, I see the all too familiar color of a mind burning out and feeding upon itself. In the gray, my conscious mind becomes the worst enemy of all and self-doubt does more damage than all of my antagonists and enemies put together.

Yet, hopefully today, the sun will rise with an even greater warmth and with it, maybe the dark gray will fade.

Note: It's all there and it's all depressing as hell. This is a close as you will see me come to poetry. JJ's starter sentence was "in the purple and gray morning..."

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