Monday, July 20, 2009


Now, how obscure is this story? To my knowledge, only six people have read it and only one has ever commented on it. Yet it I believe that it deserves a second airing and hopefully it will find an audience this time.

Let me do a better job of selling it, by giving you the opening paragraph-

Whether it's in books, movies or the news, everyone wants to talk about the heist gone wrong. Yet, nobody wants to talk about the robbery gone right and the crooks that got away. Least of all, nobody in this car or we might jinx it. And when I say it went right, I mean we were out of the bank three and a half minutes early. That counts as at least five less patrol units to deal with.

So if the heist has gone right, what could go wrong? Well, superstition certainly doesn't help. So here we go with a little "Reversal."

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