Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"The Saint Dismas Chip"

Doc wrote a story about how narrow the road is for those that need to change their lives for the better.

It's called "The San Dimas Chip" and he dedicated to yours truly. Thanks Doc, I am honored, and you really need to submit that story to site.


Doc said...

To tell the truth, it came to me in a dream.

I was raised a baptist and to my knowledge they don't have any Saints, but they do quite a bit of missionary work despite their anti-dancing stance.

I only learned of Saint Dismas from an old movie on Turner Classic Movies. The was a film about a Catholic priest that worked very hard to help convicts and in his chapel was a crucifix, not of Christ, but of Dismas, the good thief at Jesus's right side.

I stored this away for several months as I contemplated how to incorporate the Saint of Reformed Thieves into a tale, as thieves aren't really my style, but more along your line. Most of the stories that I write are personal tales from my boyhood or more recent tales of drinking beer.

Occasionaly I indulge my readers in some short fiction, but mostly, I just try to write something mildly funny, but my short fiction is another story.

I find something that crosses my path and I can envision a story in it. The things are as random as a fortune cookie, and the Saint Dimas story is no different.

The idea was in my draft file for seven months.

Then a buddy of mine had a run in with the law and had to do thirty days in jail. I thought about him as I drifted off to sleep one night and St. Dismas occured to me.

The entire story, from begining to end, ran through my brain that night, and as I sat down to the keyboard that morning it returned as it came to me before.

With one exception, the ending.

When I had dreamt it, Bill tells Tony and walks Debra home, and he still has a chip in his neck. At the last minute, I thought of "Clockwork Orange". I don't want people to think I've ripped off a thirty-year old movie. I want to twist the tale and make it my own. I am a storyteller at heart.

There is some of my dream that I left out, as I am not known for my brevity, but for my "Year End Best Of" I will include the shotgun story, just for you.

This is the first short story that I have ever written that I didn't need to edit. It was written as it came and the dedication is sincere old friend. I am not the slightest bit ashamed that I have learned a thing or two from reading your contributions. When your first novel hits the New York Times Best Seller List and you are looking for people to write you a glowing review for the first, third, and one hundred and sixty-eithth pages, look me up. I have a honey of a review for you!

In short: thanks.


Doc said...

P.S.- The story is yours. If you find someone who will take it, do so. Should they offer money, it's yours.


P.P.S- my word verification is liesol.

Cormac Brown said...


You're welcome, I love it when a story just flows, don't you?

It's your story, man. You got to submit it and let people know your name as an author.