Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Update To Rebecca's Post

From Rebecca's "Just A Thought" blog, concerning the brutal abuse of dogs in Réunion-

UPDATE: One of my commenters, BeckEye, had sent a link (thank you so much Beck!) that wrote of the skepticism of some on whether this was a true story or not. But that article linked to this video of the dog as proof of its veracity. Though the video was filmed the day the dog was captured, it is mostly an interview with French lawyers about this case and what had happened as a result (apparently, a law was subsequently passed that banned fisherman in that island to carry any dog or cat, dead or alive, on board).

I believe this video deals with a case of a local fisherman being charged with the crime that was now considered illegal. Read here to learn of the law that was passed and also, if you are interested, Patti Davis' (President Reagan's daughter) Newsweek's article on this crime, which was written in October 2005.Thank you to all that stopped here, commented, and helped spread the word and informed others of this crime against animals.

Though I thought initially this was a recent crime - and see now I was not alone in not knowing about this - I am happy the French government took swift action and if there are still fishermen that continue to do this today on the sly, we will never know but, nonetheless, it is comforting to know that there are now laws in place to prevent this senseless practice from continuing to happen.

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